Mole Attack

Mole Attack 1.0.0

Defeat hordes of moles and save the world!

Whack moles on the head as they attack major cities in this comical game for Java based on the arcade classic.

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  • Addictive
  • Comical
  • Challenging gameplay


  • Somewhat difficult to play on smaller screens

Very good

Whack moles on the head as they attack major cities in this comical game for Java based on the arcade classic.

Holey Moley!

A labour of moles have invaded Earth and you've been tasked with bopping them on their head before they achieve world domination. There are two different game types in Mole Attack: Story and Endless. 

The main difference between the two modes in Mole Attack is that in Story, the moles are initially easier to kill and there are less holes (nine), while later involve considerably more difficult moles and sixteen holes. There are a total of 50 levels in story mode. Endless consists of waves of moles varying in difficulty that are spread out over 16 holes. The goal is to reach the highest score possible.

There are a variety of different moles that you'll come across: some have protective helmets giving that need two taps instead of one, others have spears that fly out and hit one another, and there is the dreaded dynamite mole who explodes when touched and ends the level.

The terrain also changes from level to level involving blocked holes, gems, and protective shields. The variety of mole types and terrain types keeps Mole Attack challenging and prevents it from getting repetitive.

The best way to catch a mole

The controls for Mole Attack are simple: tap the mole to hit it. The game has very responsive controls which round out a perfect balance of ease of use and gameplay difficulty.

A great looking Java game

Mole Attack has surprisingly good graphics that have a cartoonish feel. Moles pop up in a variety of battle gear as well as fancy hats. Levels are littered with different environmental objects that really add to the sense that you won't get bored looking at this game. The sound for the game mostly consists of an upbeat piano tune, but it also includes the sad trombone ("wah wah wah waaaah") sound for when you lose a level.

The mole world in the palm of your hands

Mole Attack is an addictive, comical, and fun game that adds new twists to the classic arcade game.

Mole Attack


Mole Attack 1.0.0

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